Terminology glossary

acrylic fabric


resistant colourfast fabric with UV protection, impregnated for easier water flow

Venetian blind safety mechanism


Venetian blind chain supplemented with a safety cover to ensure child safety

blackout fabric


special light dimming fabric that does not allow any light to pass through it

Venetian blind brake on controls


the brake enables a blind to be stopped at any height without the need to fasten the cord in a holder

cycle of a blind


includes one pull down and one pull up (Venetian blinds will last 65,000 cycles, Venetian blind Unirol 48,000 cycles)

Dimout fabric


a light dimming fabric (less than blackout) that blocks 90% of light

Horizontal blinds


equivalent term for Venetian blinds

Head rail of a blind


"holder" of a blind, sometimes also called top profile or rail

awning cassette


a designer / protective box on cassette awnings that protects the wound up fabric

awning rooflet


on folding-arm awnings the fabric is not protected in a cassette, therefore it can be protected by a rooflet

blind slats


basic element of a blind, it can be tilted to regulate incoming light

low blind stack height


tight bundle of pulled up blind slats that take up a small amount of space in the top part of the window

blind plate


an array of vertically connected slats on external roller shutters

perforated fabric


a textile with many small holes that enable a view of the outdoors through vertical façade awnings

pleated blinds


an indoor pleated fabric blind that looks like and pulls up like a "harmonica"

screen fabric


a perforated fabric from fibreglass fibres coated in PVC, non-flammable, very resistant against the effects of weather, with various fabric densities depending on type

soltis fabric


anti-allergic colourfast polyester fabric with a PVC layer, different types have various perforation sizes, with excellent thermal insulation properties

external blind textile ladder


located on the ends of the blind slats, serves to rotate them

vertical blinds


interior fabric shading, consists of free-hanging fabric strips/slats, which are suspended from the head travel rail

ZIP system


a zip is welded along the sides of the fabric on external façade awnings, which ensures better holding strength in the guide rail and better wind resistance

external blinds without head rail cover


the head rail is located in the window recess, it is visible and not covered by a metal plate

external blinds with metal sheet cover


an aluminium cover plate covers the head rail and the slat stack, when the blind is pulled up, it protects it against the effects of weather

self-supporting external blinds


used in situations where it is not possible to attach the head rail on to the building, the blind is anchored only via the guide rails into the reveal

external blinds in under-façade (built-in) box


the box with the blind is intended to be plastered over and hidden from sight, several types available

external blinds in above-window lintel


special lintel component intended for the installation of blinds serves as a standard load bearing lintel and the blind can be installed into it even after building works have finished

external roller shutters in lintels


an aesthetically clean solution where roller shutters are installed during new building works or renovations into the construction lintel

external roller shutters in under-façade (built-in) box


needs to be included into the project phase since the panel rolls into the box beneath the façade plaster

external roller shutters in visible box


visible box intended for supplementary installation after building works have finished, partially blocks light entering the window



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